CTEK Battery Health Pack

Do away with the hassle and expense of dead batteries with the CTEK Battery Health Pack.

This handy pack lets you easily, Monitor, Maintain and Maximize your battery's health to safeguard against unexpected battery failures and to extend the life of batteries in boats, cars, RVs and motorbikes.

The MXS 5 smart charger design allows it to be connected for extended periods without risk of overcharging. SIMPLY CONNECT AND FORGOT!

The Battery Sense monitor puts valuable battery information in the palm of your hand and sends alerts to your smartphone letting you know when its time to charge.

Be ready to go with CTEK Battery Health Pack! loo

Comes with 5A charger and Bluetooth monitor!
SAVE $110
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  • CTEK MXS-5amp 8 Stage Battery Charger
  • CTEK Battery Monitor Kit
  • CTEK Battery Monitor Kit
  • CTEK MXS-5amp 8 Stage Battery Charger